Passed Microsoft AZ-102: Azure Administrator Cert Transition exam

This year already started great for me by passing the AZ-102: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition exam! This transition exam is based on content from the AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams. In this blog post, I will share some tips that really helped me passing the exam. As I’m working with Azure a lot during my work as an Azure Architect/Engineer, the platform is just too big to be able to master everything. My first advice is to work through an online course just to see which content you understand and which content needs more attention. I can recommend this course on Udemy from Nick Colyer. What I like about his course is that Nick walks you through every topic and clearly explains what you need to know before he digs into the Azure Portal or CLI to show you how it’s done. Also there are little to no intros and outros, which saves you time. Make sure you write notes during his courses and also note down when you need to pay some extra attention on a subject. After finishing his courses, I went back to my notes and made sure that I spent enough time in my Azure lab with the subjects that need more action. If you don’t have an Azure lab, you can get a free trial with $200 credits which is plently as long as you shutdown your VMs or remove the resources after your tests.

Always search for changes

Now it’s time to find out the gaps between what you know and what you need to know to pass the exam. If you search Google for the following, you’ll see that Microsoft currently hasn’t updated the exam. That doesn’t mean it will not get updated after my blog post, so always do a quick search:

“AZ-102” “changes” site:* filetype:pdf

This will search for “AZ-102” and “changes” on sites ending with with a filetype of PDF, as Microsoft used to publish this content as PDFs. If you cannot find a PDF from the Microsoft site, you can just follow the objectives from the Microsoft website.

My 2 cents

During my exam I found out that I underestimated some subjects. Make sure you know how Azure Migrate works and if you cannot play around with it, make sure you know it’s limitations, how it works and what is supported. Make also sure you know how you need to setup SSPR and that you know how to configure various Conditional Access Policies. Last but not least, know how to use Azure Site Recovery and when you use Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Event Grids and Service Bus. Especially setting up Service Bus was something that I should’ve spent more time on. If you are planning to take the exam, please let me know how it went and if this blog post helped you by passing the exam. Thank you!