Welcome to!

Today I’m happy to tell you that my blog is now on the domain!

Switching again?

Less than a year ago, I changed the domain name of the blog from to Unfortunately the domain name ( has never been greatly accepted by Google. Searching for jvr cloud shows the JVR Cloud iOS app which hasn’t been updated for a while: /images/2018/07/chrome_2018-07-09_17-16-52.png Searching for gave the following search results, which are better but still not good: /images/2018/07/chrome_2018-07-09_17-15-17.png

What about the old domain name (

It’s a shame I have to give up this domain name for the blog, as I loved it. JVR.Cloud will link to this site for at least a year, so┬ámake sure you update any bookmarks. Cheers!