Microsoft Ignite – Day 03 – 28-09-2016


Yes, a new day at the Microsoft Ignite conference! All the sessions are spread across 3 buildings (A, B, C) and I must say that this keeps you fit during the conference. On Monday, my iPhone showed me the following stats for the day:

/images/2016/09/ignite-health-stats.png?w=300 18.8 kilometers is around 11.6 miles! Today I really enjoyed the session with Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones about PowerShell. I don’t know if it was recorded and will be available later, but I can highly recommend it. In the afternoon I met Jason Helmick, which is a really great guy who learned me (with Jeffrey Snover) what PowerShell is and how it can be used. One of the greatest courses you can find on the internet today, is an MVA course with Jeffrey and Jason. Before attending Ignite I was working on a Managed Azure Hosting Solution for one of our customers. We are using Azure ARM Policies to block some type of services from being deployed. Azure currently checks during the deployment if it’s valid according the ARM Policies. So when I block Ubuntu images, the user will get an error message after he/she deployed the resources. That is really annoying, because the user has to do the deployment all over again with another OS, and he/she needs to provide all the details of the deployment again. I found out that Microsoft is working on a solution, but they couldn’t communicate a timeline. It’s great to meet the team and companies behind the products you use in your day-to-day life! Below are the sessions I can recommend and followed today:

  • Explore PowerShell unplugged with Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones
    • Very funny and cool session about new functionalities in PowerShell V5. You’ll also learn about how to grab and structure data from an API from GitHub
  • Get notes from the field: implementing Nano Server in production around the world.
    • I expected a lot of interesting information about how Nano Server works in production and the pitfalls, but didn’t find a lot of new information. But still recommended if you want to know more about Azure Stack.
  • Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture
    • This session was all about the architecture of Microsoft Azure Stack. Found some great new information about the underlying components that are needed, how the infrastructures stays highly available and more about VM sizes.

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