Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" Curved

/images/2016/07/monitor-u3415w-hero1.jpgThis week I received my new monitor, the Dell UltraSharp U3415W Curved as a replacement for my Dell UltraSharp U2312HM Triple Screen setup. My workplace is going to be part of my living room this year, so I don’t want a triple screen setup there. After I placed the screen on my desk, I had a “WOW” moment. Absolutely beautiful screen and design of the Dell screen. Don’t expect a full review here, but just some things you should know before you buy this monitor.

Things you should know

  • No DVI connector. Yes I know, DVI is legacy, but my Dell Docking Station has a DisplayPort, VGA and DVI connector. On my triple screen setup, I connected the DisplayPort with a DP => HDMI converter to my receiver and the DVI/VGA connectors to two of my monitors. With this new Dell screen, I connect the DisplayPort connector to the Mini-DisplayPort on the Dell screen with the MDP => DP cable from Dell. I have to use the HDMI cable of my receiver to my notebook separately, instead of using my dock.
  • Dell Monitor Stands are great, but this screen is quite big. Because of that, I need a stand that’s higher because otherwise I get sick after using the monitor for a couple of hours.
  • With DisplayPort, the BitLocker PIN prompt before starting my notebook doesn’t show up. So I have to wait for a couple of seconds after booting and guess that my notebook is waiting at the BitLocker PIN prompt so I can type the BitLocker PIN. This is probably an issue with Windows 10 or my Dell notebook, but it’s again something you should know.
  • Backlight bleeding in the corners
  • Auto switching between input has been removed from (as far as I know) every new Dell monitor. My U2312HM switches from output to output automatically when I switch from notebook to desktop.
  • No AMD FreeSync or GSync. I noticed this during an iRacing session. It’s a bit overdone in this picture below, but I noticed it a couple of times during a lap around the track. This could be very distractive during a race of 2 hours. No, this is not a gaming monitor, but you should know this. /images/2016/06/amd-freesyn-on-off-gaming-graphics.png

Don’t get my wrong, this screen is amazing. It’s the best screen I’ve ever seen with amazing colors because of the factory calibration of the Dell. But you should know that the screen isn’t perfect and I had some issues with it.