Azure 70-534 Exam Tips - April 2016


Recently I passed the 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam. I was thinking about stopping with the Azure exams but I couldn’t resist it to pass this exam as well. Today I passed the 70-534 - Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam with 857 points. I think that the 70-534 exam is a lot easier than the 70-533 exam. Most of the questions where questions where you had to select the Azure features that you could use in a specific situation. This blogpost is written with the knowledge needed for the 70-533 exam in mind. /images/2016/04/70-534_scorereport1.png?w=300

Study Resources

  1. Pluralsight courses These courses of Orin Thomas are really helpful for getting an overview of the exam objectives.
  2. Microsoft Press books This book, written by Haishi Bai, Steve Maier and Dan Stolts is a good book to get an overview of the exam objectives. Tip: write down the objectives that you don’t remember anymore or objectives that you don’t understand.
  3. Channel 9 Sidney Andrews walks you through all the exam objectives and gives you a nice overview. I didn’t watch the full video but I’ve only watched content that was relevant to me.
  4. Other resources StorSimple on Channel 9 Early Experts Study Guide - take your time for this study guide MeasureUp Practice Exams Check the notes of your 70-533 exam!

Good luck on passing this exam! Let me know what you think of the exam in the comments section.