Jean-Paul van Ravensberg

ARM Template - Nested condition with reference does not work

Recently I was facing an issue where a reference in a nested Azure Resource Manager template was still being executed, despite the condition being false. I have created an ARM template that first sets a dynamic IP address on the Network Interface and later on converts it to a static IP address. It uses the initially assigned IP address and converts it to static. The issue with a reference in a nested template with a condition In the example below, you see a nested template that converts the dynamic IP address to a static IP address.

My New Centralized Gaming PC using HDMI over UTP

As I recently migrated my Home Assistant instance to my good old Intel NUC, I needed a new media center. I also promised myself to buy a new Game PC after completing my bachelor’s study program while working fulltime. What if I could combine these two things together, while the screens are in different rooms? I spent lots and lots of time reading reviews about hardware. Luckily I still remember how to build a machine from back in the days, so I ordered the following parts:

Update your OpenVPN Access Server on Azure

The OpenVPN Access Server appliance in Azure allows you to quickly setup an Azure Virtual Machine that you can use for VPN purposes. I’ve been using an OpenVPN Access Server myself for a couple of months now and I’m happy with the performance and features. Even on a very small VM size like the Standard B1ms with 1 vCPUs and 2 GiB of memory. At the time of writing this blog post, the documentation of OpenVPN is a bit vague about updating your Azure OpenVPN Access Server, so I wanted to share with you what is needed to keep your OpenVPN Access Server up-to-date.

Finding the Ultimate Password Manager

In this blog post, I wrote down my considerations & requirements around finding my next password manager. I’ve been a LastPass Family user for several years, but I am going to switch to a new password manager. In 2015, LastPass was sold to LogMeIn. It didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Recent security issues issues like this one or this one made me freak out a bit.

Use the Sonos API to gather alarm data

My alarm clock setup is based on a Sonos One that plays music and Home Assistant in combination with DeCONZ and Node-RED to automate my bedroom lights as a wake up light. I could also control the music to the Sonos One from Home Assistant, but I don’t want to rely on my home automation setup for me to wake up. Currently, the Home Assistant integration does not get the alarm data itself, but luckily the Sonos API is easily accessible!

What it takes to pursue a bachelor's degree by following a distance learning program

Back in 2011 when I was 17 years old I started with my studies on ‘senior secondary vocational education’ (MBO). This was the first time I fell in love with technology. The more time I spent on training and certifications, the more exemptions I received from teachers. After getting my diploma, I wanted to start working with all the new technologies in enterprise environments & apply what I learned throughout my certification journey.